Saturday, January 22, 2011

AFC title game could be coldest ever Pittsburgh playoff game

Fans of cold weather football are in for a treat on Sunday.
In Pittsburgh, weather forecasters are predicting single digit temperatures on Sunday evening when the Steelers and Jets face off at Heinz Field.  That could mark the coldest playoff game in team history; the temperature dropped to nine degrees in 2005 when the Patriots beat the Steelers.
The Bears and Packers will be playing in a veritable heat wave.  While the temperature has been near zero in Chicago at times this week, it’s expected to warm up to roughly 21 degrees by gametime, with relatively light winds.
WGN’s weather center reports that there could be some flurries during the NFC title game, like there was for the Bears game against the Seahawks last week.

author:  Gregg Rosenthal

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