Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 2 Football ERA Cumulative Results

The first edition of the 2010 Cumulative Football ERA Formula results are listed below with the usual cautionary disclaimer that these are NOT Power Rankings.  From here on out, we primarily have to look at how teams change within the Rankings rather than looking at the Rankings alone as a raw result.  In fact, because of Atlanta's big splash as a result of their performance against the Cardinals, their overall cumulative total will mask their week to week performance to some degree for a few weeks---exaggerating their performance by way of their high position on the list.  Position, however, is neither the best nor the sole criteria of analyzing the list as much as is observing change in the list (the first derivative).  In other words, how teams rise and fall from week to week during the long season is a more primary criteria for evaluating performance.

Atl 2614.9
Hou 2522.2
GB 2025.0
SD 1919.9
Dall 1666.5
Bal 1511.2
Pitt 1471.9
Oak 1466.8
Mia 1462.5
Tenn 1408.3
SF 1370.3
Ind 1309.1
Den 1177.6
NYG 1098.6
Cinn 1046.4
Minn 1014.1
Cleve 991.1
Chi 985.5
Det 949.3
Phi 812.4
Jax 750.1
KC 693.2
Sea 651.4
TB 612.9
NYJ 442.7
NE 437.8
NO 393.5
StL 154.7
Was 145.1
Car 78.3
Buff -76.7
Arz -384.0

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