Friday, September 3, 2010

Patrick Crayton doesn't want to wait for release

Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton wants to jump before he gets pushed off the Dallas roster, seven seasons after he first made the team as a seventh-round pick.

"It seems he doesn't figure in their plans so it's not logical to be on the roster until Saturday," Crayton's agent Fred Lyles told the Dallas Morning News. "We don't see the use in prolonging it."

Lyles position makes sense, the Cowboys' decision to let go of Crayton does not.

Anyone close to the Cowboys, right up to the team's starting quarterback, knows Crayton is more valuable to the team than Roy Williams.  And he makes less money.  But the Cowboys can't admit a past mistake, so they have decided to make another by letting a useful role player go.  (It's a different story if the Cowboys can get something for him a trade.)

Crayton is one of the few players that will get dropped this week that can help another team right away.  Kansas City, where Todd Haley could use a third receiver, makes a lot of sense.

source: Pro Football Talk
author: Gregg Rosenthal

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