Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 Offseason Training Camp Review Comments

Let's kick this thing off by taking a look at the outlook for the upcoming season's
NFC East Outlook
The NFC East has been getting forecasted lately as one of the NFC's toughest division, and this year it may very well live up to that billing. None of the four teams had a disastrous offseason, and despite a new coach in Dallas, stability on Defense--at least in terms of personnel--has been the norm for the most part.
In no particular order we begin with the
Washington Redskins
While conventional wisdom from the popular media would suggest that a shakeup is in order given the disastrous results from last year's personnel on the Defensive Front, the 'Skins avoided the panic of rebuilding their entire defense and stuck to their guns with last year's scheme and personnel. The resulting situation may not be as bad as some pundits who suggest that 'business as usual' will result in the same 'business as usual' results from last year's defense. At no point starting from August until nearly November, were the 2005 combination at DT of Griffin and Salave'a both healthy at the same time or play together. Instead the 'Skins went through the growing pains of developing the maturation of the two rookies Golsten and Montgomery--who played alongside Griffin at various points in the season depending upon health. The redevelopment of the defensive front at the point of attack was one of many reasons why the defense suddenly performed below 2005 levels of performance eventhough Archeluta was scapegoated for much of the blame by the coaching staff.